Maya Student Edition 2011 – Licensing Changes

The Maya 3d animation software from Autodesk is one of the most popular and widely used softwares on the market today, with most of the big visual effects and animation companies using it in some capacity.

For this reason it has become increasingly popular among students and academic institutions who want to improve their skill set and smooth the transition from graduation to employment.

Over the past few versions, Autodesk has been making the Maya software more and more accessible with different licensing options and greater discounts especially for students, teachers and educational institutions…and with the recent release of the Maya 2011 Student Edition, we see that they’ve even gone a step further.

13 Month Licenses Are Free

If you’ve been around for a little while you may know that up until the 2010 version of Maya, you had 2 licensing options open to you as a student…


  • a 13 month license (around $150-$200)
  • a perpetual license (around $350-$400)

Well, with the 2011 Maya Student Edition Autodesk have made the 13 month license free for students and educators who have registered with their education community. Sign up is free, you just need to prove that you are currently enrolled as a student in a relevant academic institution.


I think this is a bold move, and certainly a boon for those folks who want to get short term access to the software.

However, for those who want the longer term security of knowing they can continue using the software to increase their knowledge and skill set, then purchasing the Perpetual license of the Maya student edition makes the most sense.

Think about it…

…if you have a short term license, then when that year’s version and license expires you have to upgrade and get a new one right?(note that licenses for older versions only last 3-6 months)

But what if you don’t want to upgrade? Or worse, what if you CAN’T upgrade since you’re no longer a student and are now locked out of the educational community program?

Getting yourself a copy of the Perpetual student license of Maya makes the most sense for those who are looking to use the software to improve their skill set and learn at their own pace.

An Added Bonus Of The Perpetual License…

Also, for folks who buy a perpetual license of the Maya student edition there is also an added “bonus”…you can qualify for an upgrade to a full commercial license later on at a HUGE discount (around 66%).

So, if you’re the kind of person who is looking to set up as a freelance in the media and animation industry after graduation then this could save you some serious cash.